Medical Travel And Health Tourism Quality Alliance Certifies Sri Ramakrishna Hospital – First Hospital In Tamilnadu


U S Based Medical Travel and Health Tourism Quality Alliance (MTQuA) from offers the only cross-services medical tourism certification for hospitals, clinics, agencies, specialty treatment centers, resorts, etc., including training and workshops to support and enhance certification standards and protocols. Medical Travel and Health Tourism Quality Alliance (MTQuA) curriculum is featured as core learning modules at selected universities and colleges around the world.

Medical Travel and Health Tourism Quality Alliance (MTQuA) provides the medical tourism industry’s only enterprise-wide Medical Tourism Certification program for hospitals, clinics, specialty treatment centers, agencies, recovery resorts and all other providers of related health and support services. Using evidence-based standards, Medical Travel and Health Tourism Quality Alliance (MTQuA) evaluates a provider’s processes, practices and protocols in areas of communication, operations, multicultural customs, marketing, internet use, privacy, customer service, leadership and other aspects of care management that affect the good results a patient or medical traveler gets from seeking treatment away from home.

Health care and service providers that meet or exceed our standards receive medical tourism certification. The Medical Travel and Health Tourism Quality Alliance (MTQuA), has launched the first certification programme in the world to train and qualify international patient advisors for the medical tourism industry. Julie Munro, Medical Travel and Health Tourism Quality Alliance (MTQuA) founder, who runs medical travel agency Cosmetic Surgery Travel, says, “Medical tourists looking for medical treatment abroad need trusted professional advisors to ensure they get excellent and safe care in another country.” Patients going abroad are often advised to check doctor credentials and hospital safety records on their own. This is almost impossible to do, but now with the help of a professional who is a certified international patient advisor, it can be done. Certification is a major step in the medical tourism industry progress toward becoming an acceptable alternative for patients seeking choices in medical care.”

The Medical Travel and Health Tourism Quality Alliance was launched in April 2009 .The mission of this alliance is to advance patient safety and medical excellence for travelling patients by encouraging, developing and promoting professionalism in medical travel. It is committed to raising industry standards, to put quality first and to partner with hospitals and other providers as equals in the care of the medical traveler. It promotes the development of standards and practices to advance the medical travel and health tourism industries, and provides training and workshops to all partners in the international patient’s continuum of care.

Julie W. Munro, President and Founder, Medical Travel and Health Tourism Quality Alliance (MTQuA), and Janet M. Geddes, Finance and Governance Senior Advisor from USA, visited Sri Ramakrishna hospital for the past three days and assessed the facilities and have now certified the hospital.   Sri Ramakrishna Hospital is the first hospital in Tamilnadu to get this certificate. The certificate was handed over to Mrs. Swathy Rohit, Chief Business Officer, SNR Sons charitable trust, in the presence of Mr. C V Ramkumar, Chief executive officer, SNR Sons charitable trust, in the presence of Dr P Sukumaran, Dean and Dr Issac Moses, Medical Director Sri Ramakrishna Hospital.


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