Sri Ramakrishna Hospital & GE Healthcare partner to train youth for jobs in the healthcare sector

SNR Sons Trust and GE Healthcare are getting into an agreement to offers trainings in various technical areas of healthcare. The partnership will focus on bridging the skills gap in healthcare technical or operating staff. The announcement was made in… Continue Reading

Medical Travel And Health Tourism Quality Alliance Certifies Sri Ramakrishna Hospital – First Hospital In Tamilnadu

U S Based Medical Travel and Health Tourism Quality Alliance (MTQuA) from offers the only cross-services medical tourism certification for hospitals, clinics, agencies, specialty treatment centers, resorts, etc., including training and workshops to support and enhance certification standards and protocols.… Continue Reading

DECON 2017 an International conference on Diabetes by Sri Ramakrishna Hospitals…

While 8% of the population worldwide suffers from Diabetes and Thyroid Disorders, nearly 15-20% Indians suffers the same problems today.  The reasons can either be lifestyle related, lack of awareness regarding such conditions and their harmful effects or lack of access… Continue Reading

13 yr old girl undergoes MICS Mitral Valve replacement surgery at Sri Ramakrishna Hospital

A 13 year old girl was suffering from breathlessness while playing. She was diagnosed to have heart murmur in school. She was referred to a cardiologist Dr. Nandhakumar. ECG, Echocardiogram revealed severe leak in her mitral valve in the left… Continue Reading

Dr. B. Krishnaraj Memorial Oration at Sri Ramakrishna Hospital

Atrial Fibrillation -“Newer treatments for an old disease” The tenth Dr. B. Krishnaraj Memorial Oration was held on 04th December 2016 at the conference hall, Sri Ramakrishna Hospital, Coimbatore. Dr.S.Murali Dharan, Cardio Thoracic Surgeon, CEO and President East Bay Cardiovascular and… Continue Reading